Union Township

Carroll County Historical Society


Poor House

The original county infirmary (Poor House) was located in this township. On May 1, 1839 the county commissioners (William Davis, John Shober and Robert Reed) purchased a tract of land (1250 Alamo Rd SE) consisting of 128 acres from Christian Stern for $2,570 and it was developed for that purpose.  A board of directors was appointed on September 9, 1839 by the County Commissioners. The board consisted of William Coleman, Jonathan Kelly and John McCormack. Edward McCoy was the first superintendent. The land deed was recorded as a 'poor house' on August 1, 1842.

On July 6, 1867 a new farm, north of Carrollton, of 286 acres was purchased for $13,600 from George Ebersole and was later expanded to 365 acres.  In 1871 the former location was sold to Armstrong Bothwell, a former superintendent of the Infirmary.  This site continues to be the location of the Carroll County Home now called the Golden Age Retreat.

Telephone Company

The first telephone lines were built in May 1903 and the first switchboard was installed in the home of Elmer Gregg with Mrs. Gregg as the operator. Thus the Petersburg Telephone Company was developed. In 1923  William A Rutledge was president and  Jesse E Brackin was the secretary of the company.  

The Petersburg Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 

In the late 1800’s an insurance company was organized to protect the property of the families in the community. The officers and appraisers are listed here. No records are available as to what happened to the company.

 In 1871 horses in Union Township were valued for local taxation at $75 a head, mules $87.50, sheep $2.50, and hogs $3.40.