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The Township was divided into six educational districts with a school building in each district. The first school houses were made of logs with greased paper fastened in the openings made by cutting out a log in each side of the house for windows. Each had a big fireplace and seats were benches around the walls. In cold weather the pupils gathered around the fireplace roasting on one side and freezing on the other to study. At the noon hour the boys helped to get wood for the fireplace or pot bellied stove.

Dutch Smith (#1) was in Waterloo on the southwest corner of the intersection of Alamo and Autumn Roads. It averaged about 16 students.  The teacher for the 1903 - 1904 school year was Emma Dixon. Jesse W Wallace was the teacher for the 1924 through 1926 school years.

McHugh School (#2) sat above where the Petersburg Marina is now. The average attendance for this school was 12. It’s uncertain which years, but Ruth Brooks taught at this school as did Della Pearch in 1903 and 1904.

Union TownshipNorth Union School (#3) was at 2131 Antiqua Road on the Aaron Booth farm. It was remodeled into a residence after the school closed.  Some of the early teachers were Cliff Carlile and J. R. Kail. One winter there were 60 scholars and little ones had to sit three in a seat. They had Literary Societies, exhibitions, and held Sunday School on Sunday afternoons in the summer.

Some of North Union’s other teachers included: Velma Shotwell (1923-24), Mrs. Alex Long (1924-26), Harriett Buchanan, Erma Bucher, Mary McNulty, R. P. Buchanan, Ida Moody, Ed Wilkin and John H. Tripp.

Toot School (#4) was also remodeled into a residence after its closure. The address is 2176 Pebble Road. It closed in 1935.  Teachers at Toot School included Grace Lytle (1926-27), Mrs. Lide Ralston, Opal Kelley Shotwell, Ruby Smeltz Butler (1930-32), Mildred Brooks, Jesse W. Wallace, Zelda Fisher (1923-24), Thelma Jackman (1923-24), Ida Fawcett (1924-26), and Bill Shepherd (1932-33).

Union Township Union Township
A note written by a former
Toot School teacher.

 Toot School

Petersburg School (#5) was originally a log schoolhouse which was located about one-half mile north of Petersburg on what was later the Olan Brooks farm (3260 Scio Rd).

 union township

 The second school building was a frame structure built at the north edge of Petersburg. This building was moved to the Algonquin Mill Complex where two rooms were added to make a larger one-room school.

Union Township Union Township
  #2                #3

The third building was erected by William A. Rutledge and Lank Wagner in 1923 on a tract of land that was purchased from Charles Crouse. The main text books used in those early days were The American Primer, Dilworth’s Spelling Book, Walsh Arithmetic and the Bible. Some of the teachers for Petersburg School were: Samuel Allward, Lena Brooks, Sarah Jane McCort Brackin, Mrs. Laura Baxter, Nellie Hayes (1902), Edna Merryman, Gertrude Hendricks (1903 - 04), Minnie Rutledge (1918-1923), Edna Hendrix (1933-1935), Mildred Brooks (1935-1936), and Bill Shepherd (1936-1937). Burdette Moore (1937-1939) was the last teacher to serve in Petersburg.

Union Township The Fawcett School (#6) was built on land from the Fawcett farm. The address now is 1225 Scio Road. A teacher by the name of Miss Ramsberge always insisted on her pupils saying “Good Morning Teacher” upon entering the school and if they did not say “Teacher” she gave them a “black” mark. A demerit as they call it now.  Other teachers here included Lida Ralston, Lena Mikesell Brooks, Miss McCormick, Jesse W. Wallace and Janey Long.

     Petersburg Grange Hall 1918
Union Rural High School was established in 1921 by D. L. Buchanan, County Superintendent of schools. Classes were held in the Petersburg Grange Hall located between the NE corner of the steel bridge (Algonquin Mill property) and Canyon Rd.

 Principal and teachers included:

1923-24  1924-25  1925-26    
E E Arnold                  Anna Wharton        Emmet Manfull
A J Garrett Mary Peterson Mary Petson
1927-28              1926-27       
G W Peoples Ralph P King  
Ethel Baker Charles G. Wells  
  Mary Peterson  

  union township

 A $12,000 bond issue was placed before the voters to build a new high school with no success. The last vote was 110 Yea and 115 Nay.

The 1929 commencement program had Rev H. H. Moore giving the invocation and benediction, Katherine Brooks as salutatorian and Mildred Goff as valedictorian. There were presentations by Mae Brooks, Francis Brackin, Adaline Brooks and Dwite Sell. A class address was given by John G. Stires, superintendent of schools from Washington, PA and presentation of diplomas was done by County Superintendent, D. L. Buchanan.

When the high school closed in 1939, students had to attend class in Carrollton. So they would go to Carrollton on Monday, stay with relatives through the week and return home on Friday. Later, transportation was provided and students were then bussed to Carrollton.

         Union Township 

 Petersburg School  April 12. 1916

1st Row-Earl Brooks, Velma Wagner, Mary Rutledge, Grace Capper,__ Wagner, Lydia Rutledge, Norris Capper
2nd-Paul Hardesty, Wilma Cavitt, Velma Hoffee, Myrta Wagner, Martha Brackin, Edna Rutledge, Sarah Hoffee, Clara Brackin, Bernice Goff
3rd-Clarence Brooks, Ralph Brooks, Lawrence Capper, Lyle Goff, Arlie Chambers, Wilbur Brooks, Leo Brooks

        Union Township 

 Students being bussed to Carrollton
Kneeling  Olan Brooks
1st Row- ___, ___, Wilda Capper Brumbaugh, Loretta __Marteney, Wilma __ Groves, __Coffey Finicum, Bill Shepherd?, Ruby Butler?, __, __.
2nd- Girl, Girl, Boy, Girl

3rd- Girl, Boy, Kenneth Beckley

Union Township

Petersburg High School Class – 1926                

L to R:   Dwight Sell, Roy Cassidy, Kendle Capper, Miss Peterson, Mr. King, Frances Brackin, Mildred Goff, Florence Brackin, Mae Brooks, Dorthea Hibbs, Adaline Brooks, Florence Goff, Raymond Brooks, Earl Brooks, Norris Capper.