Union Township

Carroll County Historical Society

Pictures of Interest

 Model T Ford on Pebble Road       Kermit Long’s Team of Oxen  
Constructing State Route 332 in 1939 (Scio Road) 

  Ruby Smeltz Butler in her childhood home at
1214  Pebble Rd SEebble Rd SE

            Last one-room school teacher still living (2010)

            Taught at Toot (Union Twp) and Big Six (East Twp)

  Life on the Milton Smeltz Farm 1214 Pebble Rd.



                        Niven/Beckley Homestead _____ Autumn Rd NE

   Niven/Beckley Home _____ Autumn Rd NE 

                Daffodil Cross  Algonquin Mill Complex 2004