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There are two known cemeteries in Union Township. The early settlers often buried their loved ones in unmarked graves so it’s hard to say whether there are more or not and while there was no evidence of Indian villages within Carroll County a news item in the Republican Standard, dated June 10, 1899 refers to an Indian graveyard in Section 28 of Union Township. 

“James VanMeter, of Malvern and Mr. Williams, of Colorado, who are interested in the Malvern gold mines, have leased the old Indian grave yard in Union Township, part of the original Nivin lands, and will prospect for gold, which they think underlies the land. They will commence next week to sink a shaft. The earliest settlers in this section were of the opinion that the land in that locality abounded in rich minerals. Their opinions were based upon tales told them by the Indians who once frequented the county and used the land on which the shaft will be sunk as a burying ground.”


Seceders Cemetery is located on the east side of Antigua Road near the junction with Canyon Road. The cemetery’s use was discontinued when the North Union Church closed but is still maintained by the Union Township Trustees. On October 13, 1994 there were 9 stones still visible.

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery is the only active cemetery for the residents of Union Township. A Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Association was organized in 1929 to be responsible for its care. On April 6, 1929 D.T. Brooks was employed as caretaker of the cemetery at a rate of $.50 per hour for digging a grave. He was paid anywhere from $2.00 to $8.00 for removing the dirt as no trucks were permitted on the grounds. November 19 of the same year, records show that Mr. Brooks was paid $37.50 or that year’s work.
Volunteers working on the fence in the early days
April 6, 1935 the first power mower was purchased from Figley Roudebush for $145.   It was noted that on January 5, 1937 the Association purchased 3.94 Acres South and West of present 2 sections from Figley and Roudebush for $150. They also purchased a “strip” on the East side from E.M. Capper for $40.

In 1949 the fee for digging a grave was raised to $15.00. Lawrence Capper was the sexton at that time. The graves were dug by hand until January 14, 1967 when Dick Trushel was hired to use a back hoe and “open” and “shut” the graves. Sexton Lawrence Capper was paid $5.00 for locating the grave site. More….

Union Township
Mt Pleasant Cemetery 2010

   Section 1 near church, Section 2 west of wrought iron fence, Section 3 in foreground

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