Perry Township

Carroll County Historical Society


 On the night of February 2, 1910 a fire broke out that nearly destroyed the village of Perrysville. It was never determined what caused the fire, but local citizens had their suspicions that it was not an accident. The owners of a fabric store were seen entering their store and moments after they left, the fire began. Since there was no fire department in this or the surrounding areas at the time, the damage was quite extensive. A store owned by Jason Kail, Jason Kail’s home, Dr. Tope’s drug store, a warehouse adjoining the drug store, The Chambers’ home, Milton Dodd’s house and an empty storeroom owned by George Spencer were all destroyed.       

The Horse Thief Cave was notable for many years. In the early days, a notable horse thief would steal horses and then hide them in this cave until he could resell them. There are some discrepancies as to the actual location of this cave and it’s quite possible there were two. The shown photo is of a cave at Navengal Hollow. There was another along State Route 332, just north of Perrysville that caved in as a result of the road being built. It too had horse shoe prints in its walls.




 Perrysville, Ohio

Township Hall Speaks---Leila McKinney-2003




 A little old town upon a hill,
Someone named it “Perrysville”.
It has a schoolhouse and churches, too;
But houses number, just a few.
A Township Hall, where all may meet,
And have a social time, and eat.
Where the deep dug wells give water, clear
To quench one’s thirst, through-out the year.
A General Store, Post Office, too,
Where men may chat and spit and chew.
One thing we do think rather keen,
They changed its name to Lamartine.
A garage, electric and ice cream shop,
Where children returning from school may stop.
Two cemetery plots all covered with green,
Where all must go and rest serene.
But many kind people are living still,
On this beautiful hill called Perrysville. 

G. F. M.,  1938