Perry Township

Carroll County Historical Society

Notable Individuals

            U. S. Senator Tipton of Nebraska-Seeking details 

            Senator Smith Rutan who became a Marshall of the Federal Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania.


Dr. U I Tope served this community for over 40 years.

He and his wife Anna Calcott Tope lived at 137 Amsterdam Rd SE and had a drug store at ____ Amsterdam Rd SE.

“He’s treated us in all our ills, Gave us cough drops, gave us pills,

From the cradle to the grave. Gave us courage to be brave.

When baby drew its first long breath, When our loved ones closed their eyes in death, To help us with our load of care, Our faithful Doctor was there.

We hope Dr. Tope lives one hundred years, Filled with laughter not with tears. If we like his dope let’s pay our bills, And keep right on a-taking pills.”  

He was the son of Dr. Hiram G. & Mary Shultz Tope. He was born ___ and died at ___