Perry Township

Carroll County Historical Society


Perry Township was originally North Township in Harrison County. When Carroll County was formed in 1833 this was one of the townships given to help form the county. The name was kept until later when this entry was made at the June session of the County Commissioners: “Petitions of sundry citizens of this townships of Union and North were presented, praying for new arrangement of said township; which they duly considered and determined that they shall be named and bounded as follows: The fraction of North with a part of Union attached, which is hereby erected into a separate township, and to be known as Perry.”
March of 1835 there was another entry in which a Mr. McQueen presented a petition to again change the township lines. This petition was turned down as it is stated that the petitioners did not give legal notice.


The following census data gives the population of Perry Township and % of county population through the years:

1840 1,344 7.4 1920     2000 1,022 3.5
1850     1930     2010    
1860     1940          
1870 932 6.4 1950          
1880 1,140 6.3 1960          
1890 950 5.4 1970          
1900 831 4.9 1980 896 3.5
1910 766 4.9 1990 912 3.4      


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