Perry Township

Carroll County Historical Society


Allen Memorial Cemetery is located on Castle Road .8 of a mile from the intersection of State Route 164 and Castle Road. It is cared for by the Perry Township Trustees. It is guarded by a row of pine trees and a farm gate. It may be difficult to see because of farm crops. The stones in this cemetery are very poor as many were damaged by cows.

Arabia Cemetery is located on Saint Road just a short distance off Aster Road. The original land patent was held by Frederick Slates. Thus it was first known as Slates Church Cemetery. Later it was called St. Johns and now Arabia. The stones here are very weathered and a few stones remain of the old church as well. The last known burial was 1926.

The land for the Baptist Cemetery was purchased for $1.00 from William and Jemima Crohan. There was 3/4 of an acre which was used to build a church and for the cemetery. This took place September 14, 1833. For an unknown reason the land was sold back to William and Jemima Crohan, for $15.00 on February 4, 1846. The deed was recorded in 1847. The cemetery was located between 5312 and 5342 Autumn Road, but the area is so overgrown, it’s uncertain whether any stones remain. It is still listed on the County Map.


Capper Cemetery is a very small area off of Aster Road. It was found by Joyce Conaway Henry May 15, 1995. Only two stones were found at that time, but it’s believed there were more. Bill Capper a relative of the Capper family is maintaining Capper cemetery plots here in Ohio and Virginia.


The Hagey Cemetery was a private burial ground located .3 of a mile from where Chalon Road intersects with State Route 332 at 8130 Chalon Road. According to deed records, the cemetery was described as 1/8 of an acre in the south corner to be used as a burial ground as part of a sale of a 246 acre property from Solomon and Mary Hagey to John M. Custer October 15, 1863. It was referred to as the Orchard Cemetery by descendants in Indiana. Sadly, when the orchard was cleared in the late 1960’s, the stones were pushed to the fence row.

Mt. Olivet Cemetery is located at the junction of Amsterdam and Desert Roads. It sits on the west side of Desert and is enclosed by a fence.

Mt. Tabor Cemetery is located southeast of Palermo along Dublin Road. It is perched on a steep hill and its stones hard to read. There are quite a few stones still standing though.

An old cemetery known as the Oler Cemetery is located at 9219 Cologne Road SW. There were three stones under an old tree in the field, but in 1995 only 2 stones remained. Of the three stones only two could be read. They were the stones of Nancy Oler and Peter Oler.


The Palermo Cemetery sits adjacent to the former Palermo Methodist Church (which is now privately owned) at 2060 Dyewood Road. The township trustees provide for the care of the grounds.



The Perrysville Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery was deeded along with Lot 40 to the church by Mahlon and Elizabeth Stewart in 1835. The cemetery sits on a steep hill just behind the church. It is cared for by the Perrysville United Methodist Church Trustees.



Perrysville United Methodist Church Cemetery also referred to as the Old Perrysville Cemetery is one-half acre of land that was purchased from John Shambaugh Jr. and his wife Esther in 1860, for $15.00.  In 1876 another half acre was purchased from Solomon Shambaugh for $15.00. The cemetery was added to again in 1928 when .41 acre was purchased from Jason Shambaugh for $300.00. 


Not able to expand any further a new cemetery plot was purchased west of Perrysville on Amsterdam Road. 


The New Perrysville Cemetery is one-half mile west of Perrysville and was purchased July 2, 1952 by the trustees of the Perrysville Evangelical United Brethren Church. The two acres were purchased from Eddie and Velda McCort. This cemetery is still rather new and has many vacant lots. The trustees of the Perrysville United Methodist Church are responsible for the care of this cemetery.

The Simpson Cemetery has only one partially legible stone on the property at 6022 Chalon Road. An abstract of the property shows the US patent given to Stephen Hook August 19, 1824. It wasn’t filed until 1837 at which time the property was sold to Thomas Simpson who then deeded it to his heirs Alexander and Eliza Simpson and Robert and Margaret Simpson in 1857. The land stayed in the family until 1879 when it was sold to Francis and Mary Brooks. Since the Simpson family owned the land during the time of the burial, it has been thus designated the Simpson Cemetery. The stone reads “Tope, Eliza died Aug 12, 1833 or 1863; age 12y”