Perry Township

Carroll County Historical Society


In addition to all the farms that are in our township the following businesses operate here in 2010:

Perry Post, 7230 Scio Rd NE, Scio  330 627-5762

In 1953 a new business was built on the SE corner of SR 164/332 intersection by Robert & Vivian McIntosh. The business opened 11/12/53 as a gas station, garage and restaurant.

Other owners have included:

John Tomalonis (pictured right)
Alma Alexander
C.C. Alexander
Claude Bull
Harry & Nancy Hendricks—
Sept 1967-May 1977—“H & N Shell”
Ellen Kaplun            
Larry & Betty Walker--  ____
   June 2002 –“The Perry Post”
Donald Leggett II—
   June 2002—present


            In 2010,  Jackie & Greg Edie have leased and operate the Perry Post. 

 Leggett’s Auto Repair LLC, 7217 Scio Rd SE, Scio  330 627-7618

Leggett’s Used Car Sales LLC, 7217 Scio Rd SE, Scio  330 627-7618

Entrance off of Chalon Rd. Both businesses began in 1995, 2 employees (pictured below)

 Mills Tire, 8112 Scio Rd SE, Scio  330 627-4103

---Established in 1963 by Jim & Dortha Mills. Son Jim operates the business on a part-time basis.

 Trushel Excavating, 5210 Autumn Rd SW, Carrollton  330 627-2834

---Established in 1959 by Dick & Ruth Ann Trushel.  Son Mike operates the business today.

 Perrysville Iron, Metal & Tire, 8025 Dial Rd SW, Bowerston  330 627-3814

---Established Jan. 2, 1989 by Gene “Buddy” Dunn. Five-six part time employees recycle tires & rims for further processing.