Augusta Township

Carroll County Historical Society


The Augusta Fair

On September 20, 1870, the Central Agricultural Society was formed for the purpose of holding an annual fair in Augusta Township. Several fairs were held (possibly seven); but because of the Minerva Fair being held six miles away and the county fair at Carrollton, the Society at Augusta abandoned their exhibition to redirect their efforts in making the county fair more interesting.

Fourth of July Celebration

 A few citizens having good driving horses and an interest in racing held a meeting about 1903. They decided to repair the old half-mile racetrack where the township fair had been held previously. After they completed this project, they decided to hold a Fourth of July celebration there with horse races, bicycle races, foot races and other events which attracted a large crowd.


 The Augusta and East Township Homecoming was held for many years on Labor Day, at the Grove in Augusta on school grounds. This was an annual event except for a few years during the war. It was eagerly anticipated by many old friends who did not have the luxury of gathering together often before autos were in common use. As time went by and many of the older people were gone from the area, interest in the Homecomings was declining. The Volunteer Fire Department took over and with much community cooperation have had an annual strawberry festival annually on the second full weekend of June since 1949. This is a two-day event with a parade on Friday night.

Peter Hewet
(The following is copied from the 1843 Augusta Township book. Spellings and wording are as they appear in the original document.)

Indenture – Peter Hewet
This indenture made this 19th day of April 1847 by and between Daniel H. DeFord guardian of the one part and William DeFord of the other part, both of the County of Carroll in the State of Ohio, witnesseth that the said Daniel H. DeFord guardian of Peter Hewet hath this day put placed and bound Peter Hewet his ward, aged sixteen years 1 month and 19 days as an apprentice to the said Wm. DeFord to learn the art and trade mystery or occupation of farming which he the said Wm. DeFord now follows and the said Daniel H. DeFord hereby covenants and agrees with the said Wm. DeFord that the said Peter Hewet shall well and faithfully dwell with and serve the said Wm. DeFord as an apprentice as aforesaid for and during the term of four years ten months and 11 days from the date hereof which shall be until the first day of March A. D. 1852 at which time the said Peter Hewet if he so long lives will be of the age of 21 years during which time the said Peter Hewet shall faithfully and diligently serve in all such lawful business as he shall be put to by his said master according to the best of his abilities, and honestly and orderly towards the family of the said Wm. DeFord, and the said Wm. DeFord doth covenant and agree to and with the said Daniel H. DeFord to teach and instruct the said Peter Hewet or cause him to be well and sufficiently taught and instructed in the art mystery trade and occupation of farming after the best way and manner that he can, and further that he the said Wm. DeFord will provide for and allow the said Peter Hewet meat drink washing lodging and apparel and all other necessaries proper and suitable for an apprentice during the term of his apprenticeship, and also will teach or cause the said Peter Hewet to be taught to read and write, and so much arithmetic as will include the single rule of three, it is the understanding that the said Peter Hewet shall go to school 8 months and at the expiration of said term of service to give the said Peter Hewet a new Bible two suits of common wearing apparel and also to give the said Peter Hewet one hundred dollars in money when he arrives at the age of twenty one years of age. In witness whereof the said parties have hereunto set their hands and seals this 19th day of April A. D. 1847. 

Attest Guardian Daniel H. DeFord (seal)
Elias Umbaugh  
Gearge W. Beatty Wm. DeFord (seal)

State of Ohio Carroll County Augusta Township ss
I do hereby certify the above to be a true copy of the original given under my hand
officially this 15th day of May A. D. 1847.

  Robert Henry Tp. Clerk

 Lydia Cox

Leydia Cox was the daughter of Henry and Mary Pottorf, 4071 Meter Rd NE, and was married to Isaac Cox. Isaac promised her a house which would be finer than the one she was leaving. The famous Cox Mansion of East Township was constructed 25 year later, fulfilling that promise. Servants quarters in the rear building.

Viewland Farms (2033 and 2093 Moccasin Road, N.E.)

In the late 1930's, L.W. and Cora Ulman* were raising and selling more than 200 varieties of dahlias as well as many varieties of gladiolus on their farm. This was after Mr. Ulman retired as a teacher of one room schools in Carroll, Stark and Columbiana Counties. They also raised shorthorn cattle and sold the meat from them and fruit from their apple, cherry, peach and plum orchards and vegetables (mainly potatoes) which they peddled from a truck in various towns, going as far away as Steubenville. They were assisted by their son, Floyd and his wife Nellie and their grandchildren. The family farm had previously been owned by Cora's family, the Foreman's, who were coach makers in England and made wagons, grain rakes and grain cradles on the farm after settling here in the early 1830's. James Foreman built the stone house there. Floyd's grandson Gary owns the farm in 2010.  

*Cora Foreman Ulman was a descendant of pioneer George Hines who came to Augusta Township from Ireland in 1832.