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Augusta Cemetery is located on Andora Road (CR-10) at the north edge of Augusta. Land surrounding the First Church of Disciples of Christ Church in Augusta was part of the Manfull farm and remained in the possession of George and Mary Manfull and their heirs. Lots were sold for burial purpose by the family until 1967 when Clair L. Manfull, who was the landowner at that time, closed the cemetery to future purchases. On June 30, 1967, J. D. Crawford donated about five acres of land, a part of the southwest quarter of Section 15, Range 5 for the


purpose of providing a cemetery or an addition to the Augusta/Manfull Cemetery. This is directly across Andora Road, west of the old cemetery. For many years graves were cared for by family members. Ninety-seven year old Paul Manfull recalls “someone would say the cemetery needs mowing and we would all go up and mow it”. This continued until February 21, 1925 when the Augusta/Manfull Cemetery Association was formed to care for the cemetery. Will Crawford was chairman of the first meeting and Andrew Mills made the motion to organize, seconded by Eli Manfull. It was decided to elect two trustees from Augusta Christian Church and two from Stillfork Presbyterian Church. These four would then appoint another one. Trustees elected were Will Crawford, Dan Manfull, George Manfull and Ralph Sheckler. Lot owners were asked for donations and an endowment fund was set up to be used for care of the cemetery. Accounts of the Augusta/Manfull association were combined with the Crawford Addition September 8, 1972 and the name was changed to the Augusta Cemetery Association. More …

is a family cemetery located on a high point about one half mile northeast of Pattersonville and a few hundred feet east of Abbey Road. It is about half way between the Old Presbyterian Cemetery at Pattersonville and the Crawford cemetery. Some gravestones have been missing for many years.

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Cameron Cemetery is located near 8023 Abbey Road. John Cameron transferred a piece of land for the church and cemetery known as Cameron Cemetery. The oldest memorial here is for John Cameron who died at age 23 in 1858. The most recent, is for Junior Dale Saling who died at age 4 in 1925. Two burials indicate GAR affiliation. Following the second destruction of the church by fire, a decision was made to move the church to 3133 Aurora Rd in Augusta. Burials are made in what is now called Augusta Cemetery.


Chestnut Knob Cemetery

On February 12, 1847, Michael and Elizabeth Fimple deeded one half acre of land in the southwest corner of the Northwest Quarter of Section 19, Range 5 to the Christian Society of Augusta for a meeting house and cemetery. The location is in a wooded section on Macaw Road north of Bellflower Road. The cemetery has been neglected for many years. Many stones are down and some are broken.




Crawford Cemetery is a family cemetery located north of the road at 4152 Meter Road on the old Crawford Homestead. The cemetery was neglected for many years, but has been restored. It sits at the top of a steep wooded hill in a fenced area, opposite the farm entrance.


Herrington Bethel Church Cemetery is located at 4009 Savior Road at the top of the hill off Arbor Road. On March 7, 1825, one acre and nine parcels of land in Section 35, Range 5 was deeded to the Methodist Episcopal Church for a cemetery and house of worship by John Herrington. Trustees were John Clinton, Jessie Hendrickson and John Herrington, Jr. By this time, the first burial had already been made in the cemetery, George Long was accidentally shot by his brother while hunting deer in

1823 and was buried here. John Herrington who donated the land for the cemetery and church is also buried in the cemetery, close to the church building. He was 103 years old at the time of his death, in 1862. His grave is marked with a Revolutionary War marker. Many of his descendants are also buried in the cemetery as well as other families.

 Jackson Family Cemetery is located at 1021 Brush Road. It is set on the top of a hill at the edge of a field. There is a marble or granite headstone about two feet high inscribed: Mary A./ Dau of/ T & B Jackson/ Born 1836/ Died 1839 and Francis Jackson/ 1774-1827 on the north face, and Betty/wife of/Francis Jackson/ born 1777/ died 1855 and Ann/ Dau of T & B Jackson/1782-1852 as recorded in the Ohio Historic Inventory.

 Leyda Cemetery is a family cemetery located at the intersection of Lynn Road and Macaw Road.

 Moore Cemetery is another family cemetery located at the top of a hill at the junction of Manor Road NE and Brush Road about three miles east of Minerva.



Mount Zion Church Cemetery is located at 2004 Bellflower Road on the southeast corner of the intersection of Bellflower Road and Aurora Road. It is unknown when the first burials were made. On October 31, 1885, an addition was made to the cemetery when James and Elizabeth Caldwell sold one half acre to trustees of Mt. Zion Church for $50.00. The cemetery is well kept by Augusta Township Trustees.


Stillfork (Pattersonville Presbyterian Church) Cemetery is on a hill a short distance southwest of Pattersonville on Lynn Road just west of the junction with Macon Road. The cemetery is located in a wooded area and is in a neglected state with many stones down and broken and with overgrowth. Some stones are still legible. After the church burned on Lynn Road in 1856, it was decided to move to a more central location near 8023 Abbey Road. John Cameron transferred a piece of land for the church known as the Cameron Cemetery.




Quaker Ridge Cemetery is located on Andora Road at the junction of Starling Road about three miles north of Augusta. It is on the Columbiana County border with most of the cemetery in Section 34 of West Township in Columbiana County. Augusta Friends Meeting House was formerly at this location. The first person buried there was Nathan Pim in 1816. The cemetery is well cared for by the West Township Trustees of Columbiana County.