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We will be posting our newsletters here for your review. You can read those history articles by county (All), township, National and Mill. Mill related articles are listed under Union Twp (Mill). Please review the database below; identify the article(s) you want to read/research; note the year; click that year and enjoy. Please be patient as we upload the newsletters. Thank You

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Year Article Author Twp
December-80 Genealogy is a Valuable Historical Service Lois Hemming All
May-83 Legend of the Twin Spruces All
Fall 1983 Society Loses First Charter Member All
March-84 The First twenty-One Years(CCHS) All
June-84 CCHS Life Members to Date All
Fall/1985 20 Questions on Carroll Co All
Winter/1985 Campbell's Give Cabin to Society All
Winter/1985 First White Man's Grave in Carroll County All
Spring 1986 20 Questions on Carroll Co All
Spring 1986 Carroll Well Served by One-Room Schools All
Summer 1986  20 Questions on Carroll Co All
Spring 1987 Was it Murder or an Act of War Martha Jones All
Spring 1987 First Carroll County School Founded in 1830's Edward L Cavitt All
Spring 1987 Mid-1830's Housewife Had Difficult Time Pat Rutledge All
Summer 1988 A Passing Parade Beginning In 1873 as I Remember Adam Burwell All
Fall 1988 Twenty Questions about our Counties All
Winter 1988 Earliest Carroll County History All
Summer 1989 Johnny Appleseed Had Local Relatives All
Summer 1989 Times Change! Customs Change! All
Summer 1989 Carroll County in 1840 All
Fall 1989 Wild Turkeys in Carroll All
Fall 1989 Early Indian and Pioneer History All
Fall 1989 Carroll Civil War Veteran Founded G. A. R. All
Spring 1990 "The Edge of Paradise" All
Spring 1990 Landmark Carroll County Mills All
Summer 1990 Brief History of Newspapers in Carroll County/Carrollton Edward L Cavitt All
Summer 1990 Steubenville Land Office All
Summer 1990 The Carroll Journal Hall of Fame All
Fall 1990 Early Railroads in Carroll County Judge H J Eckley(1921) All
Winter 1990 In Memoriam-Bill Shepherd etc All
Winter 1990 "The Squirrel Hunters" All
Spring 1991 Early Religious Experiences All
Summer 1991 Former Teachers Meet in Mill School All
Fall 1991 Society Receives Honor-Outstanding Achievement(Newsletter) All
Fall 1991 Early County Bands All
Fall 1991 County Indian Names All
Winter 1991 His Fame Seeks Him Out-Ralph Hodgson All
Summer 1992 In 1870, More Sheep Than People  Edward L Cavitt All
Fall 1992 Carroll County Cemetery Books All
Fall 1993 Pop': Reminiscences--Robert M Longsworth All
Fall 1993 The Legend of the Twin Spruces All
Fall 1993 Big Turnip Challenge Made 120 Years Ago Edward L Cavitt All
Winter 1993 No Hangings in Carroll County All
Summer 1994 Carroll County Villages Time Forgot All
Summer 1994 110 Year Old Rail Line Rolls From The Past Into The Future All
Summer 1994 Chappie (Written by 11 yr old who died in WWII) All
Fall 1994 History of Carroll County District Libraries All
Fall 1994 Who Was The Real Uncle Tom? All
Fall 1994 Ohio's Haunted Presidents All
Fall 1994 Old Abe' The War Eagle All
Summer 1995 A Brief History of Carroll County Railroads Lester Dodds All
Winter 1995 Early Communication Systems in the County All
Winter 1995 Sheriff Sets 1849 Election Date: Lista Available Offices Edward L Cavitt All
Fall/September 1996 The Wonderful World of Birding Janice Petko All
February-97 Fall Festival Questionaire Summary Jeanne Stevens All
February-97 Butchering Day on the Farm-Era Prior to 1955 Rhoda & Ray Long All
February-97 Spotlight on Helen Baker Shepherd Marcia Simmons All
February-97 Scrapbook Reflections-1980 Jeanne Stevens All
December-97 Towns in Carroll County George Rankin All
April-98 News on June Days in Carroll Long Ago All
September-98 Historic Power Line in Carroll County All
Spring/April 1999 April's Big Snow All
Spring/April 1999 Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths All
Summer/August 1999 Early County Wills Were Quite Unusual Edward L Cavitt All
Summer/August 2000 Carroll Co and the Civil War John H Barnett All
Post Festival/2000 This & That in Yesteryear Edward L Cavitt All
Winter/Spring/2001 Carrollton/County News of 1873 Edward L Cavitt All
Fall/Winter2002 The History of Cane Seats Denise Ward All
Fall/Winter2002 Threshing Day at Grandpa Allen's Helen Truesdale All
Summer/2002 Baking Cookies with Grandma Allen Helen Truesdale All
Fall/Winter/2003 Butchering Day Helen Truesdale All
Summer/Fall 2003 Honey Bees and Happy Memories Helen Truesdale All
Summer/Fall 2003 My Grandpa Doctor and My Grandma Irene Vasebinder Holler All
Summer/Fall 2003 Carroll County: A Place to Call Home Janice Lane All
Winter/Spring 2004 Ashes To Ashes: A Rememberance-Geo Rankin/Herb Rutledge Tom Konst All
Winter/Spring 2004 Watering Troughs and Memories Helen Truesdale All
Winter/Spring 2004 Lawn Care All
Summer/Fall.2004 Wells and the Old Oaken Bucket Helen Truesdale All
Winter/Spring/2005 The Old Time Religion Helen Truesdale All
Winter/Spring/2006 The One Room School…All Eight Grades Helen Truesdale All
Summer/Fall 2006 Old Time Funerals Helen Truesdale All
Summer/Fall 2006 Grandma's Apron Unknown All
Winter/Spring 2007 Old Glory in Her Finest Hour Helen Truesdale All
Summer/Fall 2007 Brief History of Carroll County Historical Society David McMahon All
Winter/Spring 2008 The Great Depression 1929-1930 Helen Truesdale All
Summer/Fall 2008 Rug Hooking Can Be Dangerous Dave Lewis All
Summer/Fall 2008 Depression Days Helen Truesdale All
Winter/Spring 2009 Christmas Many Years Ago Helen Truesdale All
Summer/Fall 2009 Reunions Helen Truesdale All
Summer/Fall 2009 News From the Past--1880's Karen Gray All
Winter/Spring 2010 News From the Past-1888 & 1938 Karen Gray All
Winter/Spring 2010 One Room Schoolhouse News Karen Gray All
Summer/Fall 2007 The Sandy and Beaver Canal Mode of Travel and Commerce Gerald Grimes All-Brown
Winter/Spring 2008 Reflections of 175 Years-Minerva Gerald Grimes All-Brown
Winter/Spring 2009 Ohio BigFoot-The Minerva Monster Gerald Grimes All-Brown
Summer/Fall 2009 Minerva Electricity: Then and Now Gerald Grimes All-Brown
Winter/Spring 2009 Atwood School Memories Evelyn German Jones All-Monroe
Summer/Fall 2009 German Slughterhouse Reconstructed at Mill Complex Karen Gray All-Monroe
Winter/Spring 2010 The Summer Kitchen Helen Truesdale All-Union
September-73 Cox Mansion Deb Manfull Augusta
Spring 1986 Church Builder Herrington Revolutionary War Soldier M/M Edgar Snode Augusta
Winter 1989 A Gold Rush in Carroll County Taylord Woodward Augusta
Spring 1990 The Fabulous Cox Mansion Augusta
Summer/Fall.2004 Early Black Settlers in Carroll County, OH Bernice Reid McClester Augusta
Winter/Spring 2007 The Elusive Watheys Photo David McMahon Augusta-Mill
Spring 1988 The Sandy & Beaver Canal Velma Griffin Brown
Spring 1988 Handsome American Indian Collection Velma Griffin Brown
Fall 1989 Singer's Art Career Started in Malvern Brown
Winter 1989 Malvern is Birthplace of the Father of Bell Telephone System Brown
June-97 The Blind Twaddle Family George Rankin Brown
Summer/Fall 2005 On the Trail of a Great Trail Ed Jones Brown
Summer/Fall 2008 Diversified Industries Helped Minerva Grow Gerald Grimes Brown
Winter/Spring 2010 Railroads For Progress Gerald Grimes Brown
Fall/1985 Dr Carl A Linke Passing Loss to Society Center
Winter/1985 Retired Physician Honored by Carroll Medical Society-Dr. Thomas J Atchison Center
Spring 1986 1942 Fairgrounds Fire Destroyed Facility Center
Spring 1987 An Emigration Diary--Pretty Family Center
Spring 1987 Bill Shepherd's Rope Trick Center
Fall 1987 McCook House 150th Birthday Celebration Center
Winter 1987 McCook Family History Center
Winter 1987 Mrs Daniel McCook Martha Jones Center
Winter 1987 Charles Carroll Center
Spring 1988 The 'Court House War'..Commissioners and Auditor in 1888 Martha Jones Center
Summer 1988 Col Daniel McCook's Smith & Wesson Donald Carroll Center
Fall 1988 A Little Dog Saved the McCook House from Fire Mary H Beam Center
Winter 1988 Van Horn Building Join National Register Center
Winter 1988 The Carrollton Pottery Company Center
Spring 1989 John McTammany, Inventor of the Popular Player Piano Edward L Cavitt Center
Summer 1989 Jack Richard, Artist Restored McCook Painting Center
Summer 1989 An Honest Man Returns Key Wellsville Newspaper Center
Winter 1989 The First Courthouse Bell Center
Summer 1990 Carroll Courthouse is 100 Years Old Center
Fall 1990 The Atwell Grist and LumberMill Velma Griffin Center
Fall 1991 A Survey of the Paintings in the Butler-McCook Homestead Center
Fall 1991 Juanita Ware-A Collector's Treasure Center
Summer 1992 Public Square Watering Trough Center
Summer 1992 Carrol Co Postal Service Center
Fall 1992 In His Father's Footsteps-John A Murray M. D. Center
Fall 1993 From the Pen of Henry C McCook Center
Spring 1994 The Bryant Brothers Center
Spring 1994 Captain Kidd's Gold Center
Spring 1994 The McKinley Will Center
Summer 1994 A McCook's Noble Death Center
Summer 1995 Charles Carroll of Carrollton, MD Velma Griffin Center
June-97 Charles Carroll   Center
December-97 Carhisean 1915 Year Book Center
April-98 Letter From Former Carroll Co Resident-Franklin Hosterman Center
April-98 Tribute to Doran Sauers Marcia Simmons Center
Spring/April 1999 Carrollton Native Was National HSL President Center
Spring/April 1999 Dispute Over a Cigar Ends the Life of Edwin S McCook Martha Jones Center
Summer/August 1999 Carroll Co Fair Oldest Continuing Event Martha Jones Center
Summer/August 1999 Antique Medical Instruments-McCook  Center
Fall/November 1999 The "Father" of Carroll County George Rankin Center
Winter/Spring  Mar 2000 Gen. Henry A Stidger & Stidger Building George Rankin Center
Winter/Spring/2001 Talking Dog Story Martha Jones Center
Summer/2002 L & M Rubber Co Aaron R Dodds Center
Fall/Winter/2003 The Death of Edwin Stanton McCook Aaron R Dodds Center
Fall/Winter/2003 Historical Quiz Dick Griffin Center
February-97 The Carroll County Town That Disappeared George Rankin East
Spring 1988 the Underground Railroad Velma Griffin Fox
Summer 1988 Gen Morgan's Raid in Ohio 125th Anniversity Observed Velma Griffin Fox
Fall 1990 Revolutionary War Soldier's Grave Martha Jones Fox
Fall 1993 Skip' Davis Effects Presented to Historical Society-Vietnam Martha Jones Fox
Winter 1993 Another Morgan Mystery Fox
Winter/Spring/2001 Morgan's Raid Through Carroll County Fox
Winter/1985 New Harrisburg Glove Factory Harrison
Winter 1987 Peter Herold's Home Harrison
Winter 1988 New Harrisburg Stagecoach Inn Harrison
Summer 1990 Indian Fighter Lew Wetzel Harrison
July-75 Harlem Springs in the Long Ago Sara Hayes Fenton Lee
Fall 1987 Harlem Springs College M/M Jack Truesdale Lee
Summer 1988 Shark's Tooth Fossil Velma Griffin Lee
Winter 1988 The Boop-McConnell Mill Lee
Winter 1989 A Temporary Assignment Lasts 27 Years Lee
Winter 1989 Shepherd Arrested by Postcard Lee
Fall 1990 Carroll's Unknown Civil War Soldier Velma Griffin Lee
Summer 1991 The Pelican Club Lee
June-97 Some Early Car Co History-Lee Twp Lee
Winter 1987 Life and Times of James and Mary Shepherd Loudon
Spring 1989 Mad Anthony Wayne's Camp located in Kilgore Loudon
Winter/1985 Site of Atwood Village Monroe
Summer 1988 A Weighty Matter Velma Griffin Monroe
Fall 1988 Henry Myers an the Pearch Robbery Monroe
Spring 1989 Wagons West Favorite at Many Events Velma Griffin Monroe
Summer 1990 Art is Where You Find It Monroe
Winter 1991 The Old and the New Leavittsville Methodist Church Monroe
Winter 1992 Country Stores-Atwood in the 1920's Monroe
June-97 A Visit With Margaret Anderson Marcia Simmons Monroe
Spring/April 1999 Candleglow Bed & Breakfast Monroe
Fall/November 1999 Future of Cannonsburg(Dellroy) Edward L Cavitt Monroe
Summer/August 2000 The Stone Quarry at Leavittsville-Part 1 Helen Truesdale Monroe
Post Festival/2000 The Stone Quarry at Leavittsville-Part 2 Helen Truesdale Monroe
Summer/Fall 2003 Slaughterhouse Acquisition John H Davis Monroe
Summer/Fall 2005 Children's Day at Leavittsville Church Helen Truesdale Monroe
November-70 Dissent Is Nothing New In The USA National
July-75 Symbol of Freedom-The Typewriter National
November-75 An Old English Prayer National
Spring 1989 Incidents of War and Southern Prison Life Capt D S Caldwell, 123rd OH National
Summer 1989 Men's Fashions and History National
Summer 1989 Early Wedding Customs National
Fall 1989 Currier & Ives National
Spring 1990 George Armstrong Custer National
Fall 1990 Washington's White Horse at Yorktown Velma Griffin National
Spring 1991 The Madonna of the Trail National
Spring 1991 The Assassin National
Winter 1991 "Little Miss Sure Shot"--Annie Oakley National
Spring 1992 Mystery of Baltimore's John Wilkes Booth Grave National
Spring 1992 General Tom Thumb Celebrated in His Day National
Summer 1992 Origin of Am Red Cross Martha Jones National
Fall 1992 Blennerhassett Island National
Fall 1992 Shel Wettach--A Legend In His Own Time National
Fall 1992 Eng and Chang (The Original Siamese Twins) National
Winter 1992 Incidents of War and Southern Prison Life National
Winter 1992 The Old Stone Fort National
Winter 1992 Stonewall Jackson Shot By Own Men National
Summer 1993 Animals in the U S Postal Service National
Summer 1993 General Washington's Valley Forge Vision National
Summer 1993 Paul Revere's Famous Ride National
Summer 1993 The Giants of Seville National
Summer 1993 Wills of Our Presidents National
Summer 1993 1816, The Year Without a Summer National
Summer 1993 Early Superstitions National
Fall 1993 A Colonial Christmas in Virginia National
Fall 1993 Success In Spite of Odds--Abe Lincoln National
Fall 1993 Washington's Birthday National
Fall 1993 Bears and Teddy Bears National
Winter 1993 Twenty Questions on Presidential Trivia National
Winter 1993 Taps National
Winter 1993 The Great Barnesville Serpent Mystery National
Winter 1993 Lincoln's White House Bed National
Winter 1993 1873 Exam Questions for Teachers Edward L Cavitt National
Spring 1994 A President's Letter to His Mother--Truman National
Spring 1994 Death Valley 'Scotty's' Train Ride National
Summer 1994 William Quantrill Lived a Colorful, Controversial Life Ed DeGraw, Times Reporter National
Summer 1994 Honor The Flag National
Spring 1995  The Shot That Changed the Trend of United States History National
Spring 1995  A Civil War Patriot National
Spring 1995  He Saw Lincoln Shot National
Spring 1995  Mr Lincoln's Whiskers National
Winter 1995   U S Grant: Controversial Soldier and President National
Winter 1995 What Do You Know About Our Paper Money National
June-97 The Battle of Buffington Island National
Winter/Spring  Mar 2000 Bat Facts and Myths Janice Petko National
Summer/August 2000 First Horseless Carriage Martha Jones National
Summer/August 2000 Women and "Tipping" Martha Jones National
Summer 2001 "Mother Bickerdyke", Civil War Nurse Martha Jones National
Summer/2002 The Obituary--Of Common Sense Far Corner Newsletter National
Summer/Fall 2003 The Story of William H Campbell Aaron R Dodds National
Winter/1985 Dr. Aldridge's City View Hospital Carroll's Only Accredited Hospital Orange
Spring 1987 The First Oil Well Drilled in 1883 in Carroll County Orange
Spring 1988 The New Hagerstown Academy Velma Griffin Orange
Summer 1988 Orange Township High School Marker Dedicated Orange
Spring 1989 Memoir's of William Sherrod: Pioneer Settler J F Ryan-Sherrodsville Orange
Spring 1989 The Soldier Who Came Home to Die Times Reporter/Free Press Orange
Fall 1989 Eleventh Historical Marker Accepted by Society-Orange Twp HS Orange
Fall 1990 The Underground Railroad Velma Griffin Orange
Spring 1991 How Did She Know?-Leesville HS Graduation speech Orange
Summer 1991 Smith's Mill Orange
Spring 1994 Grandpa's Steam Toy Orange
Winter/Spring  Mar 2000 Leesville Man Built Unusual Clock for Mt Union Edward L Cavitt Orange
Summer/August 2000 A Weekly Newspaper Prints Own Obituary, But Returns Alive Edward L Cavitt Orange
Summer 2001 Sherrodsville is Deluged in 1891 Edward L Cavitt Orange
Fall 1990 Murder Most Foul Ed DeGraw Orange/Monroe
July-74 Dedication of Perrysville Church Perry
May-76 Treasure Found at Stoney Lake-Tusk of a Mastodon or Mammoth Perry
Summer 1986  Horse Thief Den Perry
Winter 1987 The Product of an Inventive Mind--Hillside Corncrib Perry
Winter 1995 Perry Township Landmark Was a Station on Underground Railroad Perry
Summer/2002 Brief Histories of the Esty & Chichering Piano  Martha Jones Perry/Center
Winter/Spring 2004 Perry Township Hall Speaks Out Leila McKinney Perry/Center
Summer 1986  Indian Grinding Stone Rose
Spring 1991 Rectory Haunted? Rose
Spring 1995  A Rose Township Surprise Edward L Cavitt Rose
April-98 A Little Bit of Rose Township History George Rankin Rose
Summer/August 1999 Indian Corn Stone, Rose Twp George Rankin Rose
Summer 1989 Lisbon Historic Building Preserved Edward L Cavitt State
Spring 1990 Some Unique Ohio Bridges State
Summer 1990 The House That Jack Built State
Summer 1990 Civil War Encampment State
Winter 1990 White Women's Village State
Spring 1991 Beautiful Ohio State
Spring 1991 Tragedy at Zoar State
Spring 1991 Broken Sword State
Spring 1991 How Times Do Change State
Summer 1991 The Ballad Born of a Heartbreak State
Fall 1991 Ohio's Oldest Building State
Winter 1991 Museum Features Brader State
Fall 1992 Lake St Mary's Lighthouse State
Spring 1993 Octagon Houses State
Winter 1993 Hanoverton House Has a Room Without a Door State
Spring 1982 Tribute to Mr & Mrs Chambers Union
Fall 1987 Harley Warrick Paints Again Union
Winter 1987 Water From the Wind Union
Winter 1989 The Oldest Store in Carroll County Union
Winter 1990 Union Township History Minnie Rutledge Union
Summer 1991 First Spring Festival a Major Success Union
Summer 1991 Tope Family Reunion Union
Fall 1991 Review of the 1991 Fall Festival Union
Summer 1995 Twenty-Fifth Annual Fall Festival Velma Griffin Union
Summer/July 1996 Talking with Alice Cavitt About Yesteryear & Now Marcia Simmons Union
February-97 Restore the Dam Mike Mangan Union
Post Festival/2000 Festival Impression Ann Lloyd Union
Winter/Spring/2001 The Joe(J.B.) Chambers Store at Petersburg Helen Truesdale Union
Summer 2001 The "Sixteen" Oil Fields Helen Truesdale Union
Summer/Fall 2006 Local Man Makes a Global Impact-Dr Foster Brooks Gib Brooks/John H Davis Union
Summer/Fall 2007 Stringtown Helen Truesdale Union
September-73 Early Days at the Algonquin Mill Lulu Corey Fischer-Willowick Union-Mill
July-74 "Old Mill News" Features Algonquin Mill Union-Mill
Fall 1982 The Loom, Hal Herman's "Labor of Love" Union-Mill
Fall/1985 Michael Mangan Named Mill Manager Union-Mill
Fall 1987 Sauerkraut Formula Revealed Union-Mill
Winter 1987 Parlor Stove Reflections Mike Mangan Union-Mill
Fall 1988 History of the Algonquin Mill Jason Ellsworth Riley Union-Mill
Winter 1990 The Perry J Vasbinder Arboretum Alpha Huffman Union-Mill
Spring 1991 Algonquin Mill Village Site of Spring Festival Union-Mill
Summer 1991 Algonquin Mill Stamp Club Union-Mill
Winter 1991 Harley Finally Hangs It Up Union-Mill
Summer 1994 A Bluebird Trail at the Algonquin Mill Union-Mill
Fall/November 1999 Soap Making at the Mill Helen Truesdale Union-Mill
Fall/November 1999 Bus Tours Visit the Mill Mike Mangan Union-Mill
Winter/Spring  Mar 2000 Flour Roller Mill, Circa 1880 Doran Sauers Union-Mill
Post Festival/2000 Harley Warrick, MailPouch Sign Painter & Philosopher Janice Petko Union-Mill
Winter/Spring 2004 Daffodil Cross: Daughter's Tribute to Mom Velma Griffin Union-Mill
Summer/Fall 2005 The Two-Story Log House Janet Price Union-Mill
Winter/Spring/2006 Some Perspectives About Our 1893 Bridge David McMahon Union-Mill
Winter/Spring/2006 1893 Wrough t Iron Bridge Restored at Petersburg John H Davis Union-Mill
March-70 Edward L Cavitt, Assistant Editor