Historical Markers

Three Ohio Historical Society markers have been placed in Carroll County

They include:

Fighting McCooks

The Fighting McCooks and the Civil War, Carrollton (1-10)

The Fighting McCooks and the Civil War---Top of Square, Carrollton

Great Trail Malvern

The Great Trail, Malvern (2-10)

Rt 183/43, West of Malvern, Malvern Park

Charles E. Wilson

Charles E. Wilson, Minerva. (3-10)

Rt 183, Roadside going East between Pekin & Minerva

Ten Carroll County Historic Sites have been dedicated with a historic marker by the Society. They include:

The First Courthouse,

Square, Carrollton
Greate Trail

The Great Trail, Malvern--1764

Rt 183/Linden Rd, Just South of Pekin

The Sandy & Beaver Canal, Malvern

The Sandy & Beaver Canal, Malvern-- 1840-1853

Rt 183/43, West of Malvern, Malvern Park

The Algonquin Mill

The Algonquin Mill, Petersburg--1826

Rt 332, Algonquin Mill, Petersburg

Perrysville Methodist Episcopal

The Perrysville Methodist Episcopal Church, Perrysville--1833

Rt 164, At turn in Perrysville

New Hagerstown Academy

The New Hagerstown Academy, New Hagerstown--1837

Rt 164/Autumn Rd, New Hagerstown, South at turn

Atwood Village

Atwood Village, Dellroy

Rt 542 (Lodge Rd), West of Dellroy before Yacht Club, on the right
Morges Raid

Morgan’s Raid,

Rt 39, 2 miles East of Mechanicstown, on the left


Bachelor Rd, West of Morges Catholic Church

Ornage Twp High School

Orange Twp High School,

Rt 212, North edge of Leesville,
on the Left